MXQ PRO 4K 1gb S905X version having Artifacts on HDR content

Hello. I have very bad experiance using CoreElec.
I am using for now the LibreElec build from @wrxtasy but its no more in development, it ended on Kodi 17
so I jump to CoreElec but there is some problems with HDR outputing. I have artifact on screen, some lines that pops up. I try diffrents setting turn off the deinterlacing, noise reduction choice only 4.2.2 or 8bit.
Nothing helps, so Im stuck with old forgotten LibreElec build from November 2018 LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2.5-Chroma.422.10bit and its best, but old :frowning:

Here is screenshot of my problem, maybe can u guys help me solve it, because other then this artifact CoreElec with Leia 18 is SUPER FAST to work on.

Revert the settings you have modified and make sure Kodi GUI is set to 1080p 50/60 fps, Adjust display r.rate = On start/stop etc.

Then ssh into your box and run dispinfo before playback and during playback. Upload the information so we can look into it :+1: