MXQ Pro S905W No WiFi

Hi @omegablue, I have also the MXQ PRO 4K 5G 2GB RAM with S905W, and I have booted success Coreelec from USB (not from SD card), but doesn’t detect WIFI chip. Did you do any trick to get working the WIFI?

You’ll need to identify your WiFi chip.

SSH and issue command

udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio*

Hi! Thanks for your fast response.

This is the output of this command:

CoreELEC:~ # udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio*
P: /devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
L: 0
E: DEVPATH=/devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
E: SDIO_ID=3030:3030
E: MODALIAS=sdio:c07v3030d3030

Also, I’ve opened the TV Box and the WIFI chip is SV6256P, any method to get working?

I’ve opened a new thread for this topic.

@cdu13a may help you with this driver support.

Please verify which CE version you are using ?

I’m using CE 9.2.5 Generic with DTB 281_2G. Thanks again!

@kostaman thanks for open new thread!

@cdu13a please, could you help with SV6256P wifi driver on Coreelec/Linux?

Thanks both, appreciate your help!


Did anyone make any progress with this?
I have a box with the same Wi-Fi chip, the mecool m8s pro w. Also using the same dtb as above.

With the older kernel stable build, Wi-Fi works ok.
But looks like the driver isn’t in the stable NG build, I’ve not yet tried the nightlies to see if it’s been added.



This tells me it’s not looking likely…

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