My TV box just resets when resetting to CoreELEC

So, unfortunately, my TV Box which is a HK1 Max, RK3328 and is S905X3, doesnt want to reboot into CoreELEC at all, my Android TV Box’s firmware is very crappy and of a bad quality, and using Kod is honestly not worth using on there, unless I use CoreELEC or something like that, but I couldnt never install CoreELEC on it, afterall my HK1 Max doesnt have much support form CoreELEC or things similar to it.

You see, what it does, is that the fact that it just reboots to CoreELEC whenever I had my SD Card put on with the installed CoreELEC and renamed TDB file, straight up reboots to the HK1 Max OS again, like if nothing’s there, like the SD card was empty, and using other options other than CoreELEC, straight up, just doesn’t work, like nothing, it is either a No SIGNAL thing or a black screen with white text and being able to type in with a plug in Keyboard in other altertatives to CoreELEC.

i just want to play Crash Team Racing, watch either Rocko’s Modern Life or Rick & Morty(Im a big fan of cartoons & anime), or read Reddit posts on my TV, that’s all I want, please. Im getting tired of just installing an OS, just to reveal that it doesnt work, like, for Real, Actually.

HK1 MAX is based on Rockchip RK3318/3329 SOC.
CoreELEC only supports Amlogic SOCs.
Easy as that, it will never work.

Really? I saw information of the HK1 Max, being Amlogic S905x3, and I assumed that my TV Box could work with it.

Hey?? It wouldn’t be a big favor if you or one of the other mods or whoever else is there, would add HK1 Max compability or support, if it isn’t so, then damn, so much for buying a more expensive Android TV Box, I would need to say goodbye to my dreams of playing Banjo Kazooie, in a non crappy OS, while being able to move diagonallys with my USB N64 Controller.

In fact, it is even impossible to add Quad Core support to CoreELEC or whatever type of bootable OSes are there, in the internet?

CoreELEC only works with Amlogic.

It’s not only to get the OS running, it’s mainly to get the GPU & HW-Decoders operational.
Maybe you have some progress with unofficials fro LE: Rockchip - LibreELEC Forum

Damn, that’s unfortunate, well, I just had lost two to three weeks of my life, just for wanting to have Kodi but as an OS. And honestly LibreELEC just sends me to a black screen with white text, with being able to type in, using an external keyboard, I only can make the LibreELEC logo appear when typing in exit, but an error screen, then appears when typing in EXIT on my Android TV Box.

So yeah, so, whatever, I appreciate the efforts for helping me. I tried

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