N2 and NFS share config

Hi, sorry for my noob question. I have Vero 4K as my primary media player, but I have ordered N2 and it will be delivered tomorrow. In OSMC for maxium performance (for playing 4K HDR content) I have added NFS shares from my NAS via fstab (/etc/fstab).
Does it apply to CoreElec as well? Or is it sufficient to just ad share folder on NAS via Kodi?

Thnaks. Looking forward to N2 :slight_smile:

NFS will always perform better, but with a 1gbit connection, SMB should be fine too.

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Not really sure nfs is always better.
I have performed a lot of tests at work comparing nfs with smb on a gigabit lan and smb was better at transferring large files.
On my N2 nfs ans smb are on par.

Just adding the nfs share via the kodi menu should be good enough instead of messing with fstab mounting.

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Great! Thanks