N2+ configure boot behaviour

Hi All,

i currently have an N2+ with CE on emmc and Emuelec on SD. i have the switch set to direct boot rather than going in to petite. if i boot with SD inserted, it goes in to Emuelec, remove SD and boot it goes straight to CE.

i would like to set in a way that even with SD inserted, it will boot from emmc to CE, and set an option in my skin in kodi (nox silvo) to reboot from SD so i can boot to Emuelec on demand, without need of taking SD out / putting back in etc.

is this possible and and if yes how do i achieve so N2+ will ignore SD and boot emmc unless explicitly told otherwise? what command would i need to configure in nox power menu to boot from SD? (i have some s905x boxes with droid on emmc and CE on SD and configured command to boot to emmc in nox power menu so i can get to droid without messing with SD card, but not sure what the command would look like to force boot from SD)


You will need to customize u-boot sources, so there is no working solution out of the box.

OK Thanks, will look in to that

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