N2 doesn't detect SD-Card

Since yesterday, my N2doesn’t detect the mSD-Card, so I can’t boot CE anymore. With “MMC”-boot there is only the red light, no blue light.
In SPI boot, I have a blue light, can update Petitboot via LAN, but it doesn’t see the SD card.
Also I have no /dev/mmcblk1*
Tried different SD cards

Pin 1/2 has 3,3 / 5V
Is my N2 bricked? Or can I use eMMC a instead? Then I have to buy one :wink:

If it is bricked, which replacement can you recommend? Android-Box, Odroid, other… etc.

I would try putting Coreelec on eMMC yes.

If you’re looking for a new media player, I’d go with the Minix Neo U22, which has built in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and works with Kodi 19.

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