N2 doesn't like to boot with SD card inserted

I made a thread about this yesterday, but deleted it because I thought it was fixed. I have coreelec on an emmc and Android TV on an sd card.

With the sd card inserted, the coreelec logo comes up, screen goes black, and then I lose the hdmi, signal. This process repeats endlessly.

I don’t really understand why it is doing this. Any ideas? My goal it is to have dual boot with both emmc and sd card inserted. But this is preventing that.

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Because you have CoreELEC on your eMMC then you will be using “our” bootloader and whilst this does support booting another CoreELEC installation from an SD; it does not support booting Android from SD.

You may be able to use petitboot with your current setup though, I think the latest version is available here.

There we go. Thank you I knew there had to be some sort of conflict happening. Petiboot is working thank you.