N2 doesn't want to recognize USB wifi dongle

Greetings, yesterday I got my new Odroid N2 Corelec edition with wifi module 0. Coreelec don’t see any wireless connection, as if I didn’t recognize the module.

Does lsusb see it?

Yes, and the bluetooth is also USB and it works perfect.

Paste the output.

how do I do that?

copy paste?
or the hardcore way as read and write :slight_smile:

where do I get the output log👶

You can ssh to your box (with putty on win) and run lsusb
But you said lsusb sees it so you already know how to get it…

Also what is the output from lsusb what is the device ID of the wifi adapter its usually something like xxxx:xxxx Realtek Inc. Have you got a link for the wifi dongle so we can see the chipset.

How many USB devices are attached to the N2?

I have two dongle in my USB

  1. https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/bluetooth-module-2/

  2. https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/wifi-module-0/