N2 only £70.00 in uk

It looks like prices have dropped a bit from odroid UK with the basic 2gb board at £70.00 and just £4.50 shipping within UK.



Good catch @Shoog, great news for anybody wanting an upgrade.

Link for those interested.

hm… with the exchange rate i would have thought you would be better then we are here in Canada where our dollar aint worth squat currently…

I just bought the 4g version for $79usd which is $103can and would have thought the 4g version would be just under 63 pounds… i realize theres shipping and stuff but just from a exchange point based of the SK prices… weird…

same logic on the 2g version should be just a little over 50 pounds.

You have less VAT (HST) than in Europe.

Being in Canada i always thought the UK and Europe had better pricing then us here… the US has always been our main trading partner and with most Asian goods priced in USD and being our dollar is down thought you guys were better off…

HST in Canada is 13%, or to be accurate thats Ontarios rate but Canada overall is in that range give or take a percentage point.

Learn something new everday…

This is at a price now where a casual purchase just to see becomes somewhat attractive

Might make a nice replacement for the ancient pi.

the performance increase you would see over a pi (pretty much any model) would be significant, i say go for it :slight_smile:

How much has this come down?
The 2GB kit still looks to be the price I remember (£99.99 + post?), and I guess that’s what most will end up getting for CE - N2 + case + 16GB emmc.

Where are you buying from? This is a uk site and it’s cheaper than buying from China (which isn’t the norm) by the time you add shipping. Plus no chance of extra fees / taxes.

I realize that its a UK site. just assumed you guys got the same price as is on HK’s main site…

I bought right from HK’s main site in SK as the Canadian Dealer was way higher…

I order’d last wednesday nite and it was processed and shipped sometime thru-fri… hard to say with the time differences here… anyways it was 79usd plus shipping. actually i bough a bunch of stuff not just the N2 but DHL had it here in Ontario on monday and i defered shipment till tomorrow as im not home to sign for it till tommorow… i prepaid the duties/taxes and dhl’s fee’s online which about $26 canadian, and that was based on the total order which was about $240 Canadian.

If I would have bought all the same stuff from the Canadian Dealer in Quebec it would have been closer to $340 and in all likely hood i would not see it till sometime next week. Not unless i would have paid him for expedited shipping which in his case was even more then HK’s shipping to Canada.

So for me here in Canada its just cheaper and usually faster then buying pretty much any Asian goods locally here in Canada…

I just took it for granted that your side of the hemisphere had better prices then here in Canada, its been a long time since i brought in anything from Europe… last time was years ago as brought in a bunch of Dreambox’s and Haupauge cards, which were much cheaper then here…

Not ever possible, because taxes.
There’s import duty and vat included in the price on the uk site - buy from China and it’s a lottery as to whether / how much you pay.

I’d assume we all pay pretty much the same from most Chinese sites - certainly the prices don’t change on sites like gearbest when I log in / add a uk address (and it’s not unusual that I’m browsing on a forrin vpn).

ya taxes are a pain in the butt… nice to know tho as i didn’t realize it was as bad there… and your right about Asian goods coming in and not always knowing. HK tho is definately one of the better vendors as it was right about what i expected and quick. I buy stuff from Asia pretty much monthly and it can be a real hit and miss thing…

It isn’t a price drop.

It’s been that price for ages.

The kit price is good though as you get your import duties included and delivery from Wolverhampton, so will be quick.