N2+ switching issue

ODroid N2+
Latest Matrix Nightly 20220702

Hi there!

The resolution / framerate switching doesn’t seem to work as expected. This is about the setting “Adjust display refresh rate”. When set to “Start” it works as expected. Kodi switches to whatever the object to be played requires and maintains this resolution/framerate after playback has finished.

However, when set to “Start/Stop” the behaviour is the same. Instead I would expect Kodi to switch back to the resolution/framerate defined under “System/Display”.

It should work correctly.
Check that you have correct default refresh rate in settings. It could remains wrong if kodi crash while watching video for example.
And of course without logs nobody knows what is wrong with your system.

What’s a “correct default” refresh rate? I can set it to whatever my TV supports. Also, there are no crashes.

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