N2 uk news!

Odroid UK today finally took payment from my account. This can only mean one thing!!!

Odroid N2 on its way!!


Wouldn’t get your hopes up, they took payment for mine a few days ago and my order is still pending.

also agree the roidy, Odroid UK took payment on the 30th March and my order is still pending… should find out by the end of the week if we are lucky or not.

Thanks for the replies. Trust me to get things wrong.

And welcome to the forum Andy!!

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Mine still says pending as well


I asked this yesterday:

Thanks for your order.
We are hoping to begin shipping ODROID-N2 units today however there is a long backlog of orders which will take some days to clear.
Hopefully your order will be despatched by Friday (12/04) and delivered the following week.

That was response from odroid UK

Your lucky to get a reply.


Mine has just arrived from Odroid UK via royal mail about 20 mins ago.

Welcome to the club @chowyunfatt great to see GB users here :slight_smile:


Thanks, Been using coreelec since the beginning as it migrated from Libre. You Guys have done an amazing job. Don’t know why it’s took me so long to register, I should really start to get more involved with the conversations now.

Keep up the great work there ARE a lot of people that really appreciate what you all do.
Now no to my N2 install, can’t wait to try it out…

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That is SO true. It’s wonderful having DVB (and everything else) working perfectly on my s905 box, Thanks to all the team.

Odroid UK site now says “Now in Stock” for the N2, Get them while you can!!

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I spoke too soon. Got an text message from DHL this afternoon they are going to be delivering my N2 tomorrow :smiley:

There is currently no option to order on their website.


Mine says shipped this morning!

Should be here tomorrow


Came just now.

I ordered one N2 from Odroid UK for a friend and received a Fedex message : I will receive it on Monday.

what about Bluetooth? internal or does it need an Dongle?

Needs a dongle. Very cheap though.



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