Near future plans

Hi CE team
Can you explain what are you near future plans?
You will focus more on the application side (Kodi upstream mainly) or you want to start the stabilization of the AMLogic kernel 4.4, which contains some nice features around HDR, but having at the same time problems and bugs?

The Kernel is kinda stable right now. We do not plan to update to Oreo Kernel or to merge a huge commit collection.
We will focus on 3.14 Kernel for now and Core 9. We also monitor AML mainline process so once thats usable we will make builds and focus on that only. It would take too much time and effort to get the 4.4 (Oreo) Kernel up and running with the same quality we have right now. But it also means that we can backport fixes from the Oreo to our stable Kernel.
So to sum up we will try to eliminate bugs from the current Kernel.


Really looking forward to future 3.14 releases!

Ok, but the mainlining is quite far away and apparently the 4.4 Amlogic has much better codec support
Do you think it is technically possible to grab the new amcodec from 4.4 and backport it into the 3.14?

We are probably a bit too late in the CE 9 release cycle to jump on the 4.4 tree. Kodi 19 will probably drop amcodec completely.
It’s hard to tell when mainline will work properly. We will discuss posibilities once the time comes. Also every contribution is welcome. If someone comes up with a usable 4.4 Kernel for AML today/tomorrow we will take that into consideration. One thing sad about AML 4.4 Kernel is that it doesn’t support S905. Only S905X and newer.


That’s very sad.
That means the odroid C2 will not get 4.4 kernel.
I love my C2 it’s one of the quickest AML S905 devices if you overclock it. Video playback also really smooth with LE9 especially live tv.

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Our stable Amlogic builds will move to the mainline kernel when we feel it is ready, not before.

Our focus is to give people working builds and not give them a headache.

There will ofcourse always be development builds for those that like to live dangerously with the very latest bleeding edge changes.