Need help - remote configure, amiko_a4

amiko a4.
at me through the terminal key_power shows so.
CoreELEC (official): 8.90.3 (S905.arm)
e[1;32mCoreELECe[1;32m:e[1;34m~ e[0m# systemctl stop kodi
e[1;32mCoreELECe[1;32m:e[1;34m~ e[0m# systemctl stop eventlircd
e[1;32mCoreELECe[1;32m:e[1;34m~ e[0m# ir-keytable -t
Testing events. Please, press CTRL-C to abort.
1020.900295: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x449b0b
1020.900295: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
but on the sample
my as I understand this 0x449b0b.
How correctly to register?

Did you try and it doesn’t work?
Yes, code must be 0x449b0b

no it did not storage / config / rc_keymaps / put the file amiko a4 in which it is written like this.

table amiko_a4, type: NEC

0x449bob KEY_POWER
0x449b58 KEY_CONFIG
0x449b0c KEY_0
0x449b1b KEY_1
0x449b0f KEY_2
0x449b03 KEY_3
0x449b19 KEY_4
0x449b11 KEY_5
0x449b01 KEY_6
0x449b09 KEY_7
0x449b1d KEY_8
0x449b0d KEY_9
0x449b50 KEI_RECORD
0x449b07 KEY_INFO
0x449b0e KEY_UP
0x449b0a KEY_DOWN
0x449b08 KEY_Mouse
0x449b1a KEY_LEFT
0x449b12 KEY_RIGHT
0x449b06 KEY_ENTER
0x449b13 KEY_MENU
0x449b05 KEY_BACK
0x449b1c KEY_EPG
0x449b00 KEY_HOME
0x449b49 KEY_RED
0x449b4d KEY_GREEN
0x449b48 KEY_YELLOW
0x449b4c KEY_BLUE

in /storage/config/rc_maps.cfg wrote this way.

meson-ir * amiko_a4

It’s a 0 (Zero) not an o, right?

0x… It’s a zero.

do not only look at the leading 0x…
the correct keycode must be
0x449b0b, not 0x449bob

Thank you…Fixed bugs but did not help.

See link in personal messages and try