Need help to identify device

Hello all! I have a china car android display. I have no idea how to identify it, since it has no name.

My knowledge:
1920x1080 display. USB and SDCard slot. Processor chip inside is not marked at all/

CPUID (Cpu-Z) shows me AmLogic platform Octa-core (S912??) with eight Cortex-A53 1,42 ghz processor, Mali-450 GPU (not suitable for S912??) and 1,5 GB RAM…

Tried many dtb’s and some different builds of CoreELEC. Can’t get dtb from device since can’t get root (tried many apps like kingroot), and can’t boot to recovery (tried some for amlogic).

May be some of you have ideas what to do next?

Hi, welcome to the CE forum.

Very interesting. You’re right, it sounds like an older S912 except for the GPU. No markings on the physical processor whatsoever? How odd.

What version of Android is it running?

The only other higher core count A53 processor w/ Mali-450 that I can think of is the Allwinner H5, but IIRC it only has 6 cores and certainly won’t be of any use as far as installing CE is concerned. CPU-z might be misreading some of those specs. Aside from painstakingly trying each S912 dtb, I’m not sure what else to recommend.

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