Need help with audio

I have my n2 plugged directly into my marantz sr7012 then to my lg oled b8,the problem I have is I also use smartiptv app built in on my lg tv and it passes dd 5.1 and dd 2.0 via arc to my amp,but when I set up my iptv channels on my odroid n2 it will only pass dd 5.1,for some reason it won’t pass dd 2.0,all I get is stereo and with most of the channels broadcast in dd 2.0 it can get annoying,I tried plugging directly into hdmi on the tv and also changing audio settings from 7.1 to 2.0 but still getting stereo but dd 5.1 works,I have the exact same problem on my nvidia sheild aswell,doesn’t matter what app I use or mess about the settings I can’t dd 2.0 working with iptv except the app built in on my lg tv

From what you’ve said/not said it sounds like you’ve not turned on passthrough in audio settings. System- Settings-System-Audio. Not sure if you see the option if your settings level is set at basic. Click on the settings level to change it.

P.S. Sorry for the useless advice here. I read and replied during a sleepless night and totally misread what you’d said.

I guess that Kodi doesn’t passthrough DD 2.0, it sends that out as PCM.

Passthrough is enabled,does kodi definitely not pass through dd 2.0? Like I said I have the exact same problem on my nvidia sheild and I tryed jst about every app available,dd works fine on the smartiptv app installed on my lg tv,even tried installing the smartiptv app on the nvidia sheild but would only pass dd 5.1

What’s the point on insisting to passthrough DD 2.0? PCM will get you the same results.