Netflix at CoreElec and Android

Hello, when I watch a movie or series on my Android phone, the progress is saved. I can also see which movies and series I have watched. A hook is always set.

But when I watch Netflix on CoreElec Kodi, I don’t see my progress from Android phone.

Are there ways to synchronize this automatically, for example when you start Netflix.

I don’t want to look at everything from scratch. Also, I can’t remember the progress from Android phone and Android TV.

This is not possible with NF addon in Kodi. The developer of this addon will not enable that for obvious reasons (too many calls to NF servers which can result in banned device/user).
Native Android NF app works in another way, and there it’s possible to save progress data.

For NF addon developer help go here

Thank you for the info.
1.This feature is not enabled?
2.This function is not possible with NF Kodi?
3.Can I activate this function myself somehow, for example in a .xml

You can search in the link Sholander provided and in the developer’s GitHub. He’s trying to add the feature to the add-on but it’s not done yet. You can dig a bit to learn about this add-on’s history.

OK thank you.

That is in WIP status in NF addon, but not done yet.