Netflix Frame Skip Temporary Solution

Since latest WideVine update to version some users have problems with frame skipping on high bit-rate scenes. I found out that using previous WideVine version solves this problem.
For anyone interested I uploaded both, new and old WV versions here.
Zip is pass protected with easily guessed password :slight_smile:

Scenes to test the difference: “Our Planet” E1 4min-6min and “Kiss Me First” E1 from beginning. On both scenes the bitrate goes over 20 Mbit/s.


Sorry, what is the easily guessed password (seems I’m not so good at finding out :).

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It’s sholander :wink:

I knew I was naive when asking, but now I feel ashamed :smiley:
I used the uploaded library, but I didn’t get a better frame rate.

Sorry to hear that, did you use the right one named old ? On my N2 on CE 9.0.3 it makes a big difference between new and old.
Did you try above mentioned videos ? How do they work for you ?

Btw, maybe we don’t understand each other, you cannot get better frame rate with “old” libwidevinecdm. It only helps to eliminate frame skip on high bitrate scenes.
For example with “new” version playing "Our Planet” E1 4min-6min scenes I get more than 200 skipped frames, and same sequence played with old version I have only one or two skipped frames

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It gives me such an error, I have searched for a solution but could not find it.
I would be glad if you help.

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I cannot see any (relevant) error, as there are lots of them.
Try with a fresh/new install and install ONLY Netflix addon, then see if there is any error.

Btw, what is exactly the problem, you can’t log in, you can’t do something in addon or the video does not play ?

OK, I see. First as suggested before make a fresh installation with default skin and install only Netflix addon. If you then get the same error, collect all logs in .kodi/temp folder and send them to see what is going on.
If it’s an addon error then seek further help here

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Addon settings reset, the problem was solved.
Thank you for your interest in my friend.

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