Network issues?

I think I have some network issues but I’m not sure and I don’t know how to determine it.
I have 3 boxes, a Beelink S905X, a X96 S905X and a Beelink S912.
When I want to use some add-ons using network (Emby for Kodi, Catch-Up TV & More…), I can’t play.
Example with Emby for Kodi : when I launch a video, it’s very long to load and I have an error. Then I launch again the same video and it works. Then if I play other videos, it works.
Example with Catch-Up TV (TV replays) : when I try to launch a video, it doesn’t work. I must reboot my box to work.
I have some buffering on both.
If I remember correctly, it was working very well before 9.0.x but I’m not sure.
My network setup remains the same since 2 years but perhaps it’s an hardware issue not related to CoreELEC ?!
I don’t know how to check it, if you could help me.
Here are some logs :
Thank you !

Try the 9.0.1 release. My network was working perfectly with that version, but I’m having trouble with 9.0.2 and subsequent nightly, where the ethernet is flaky at startup doing library scans as well as addons, on my 912 Nexbox A1. Seems to work perfectly playing vid/audio though and I don’t have any instability aside from this.
Have not got to the point of creating logs for diagnosis yet, as I’m still trying to self-diagnose right now, but interested if you get the same results…i.e. 9.0.1 ethernet is stable.

EDIT: Dammit, can’t download 9.0.1 stable any more to eliminate.
EDIT2: Derp - found it here:

Don’t know if this will fix for you but couple people had problems with addon and connectivity.
For me the following fixed my network issues:

This command is working for me. Try it in ssh and if it works put it in autostart:
echo 2 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn

My autostart looks like this:
echo 2 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn
) &

Thank you !
@cods69 : The issue was present at least with 9.0.1 but I don’t remember if it was present with latest 8.95.x
@facer : Thank you, I’ll try that.

Hello, I was curious about that command, and according to this, the default value is 2, so I’m not sure why you would set it again. Cheers!

This is default at the moment:

cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn

I think I’ve found a lot of my network failures at startup are SSL related, due to the NTP not having enough time to update before connections, resulting in certificate failures.
Sort of explains why startup scans and weather scrapes don’t work on startup, but if forced later, seem to work with more success.
Not entirely sure that is the reason for the addon failures afterwards, though this seems to be a start.

BTW, the autostart procedure above did not help in my case. Thanks anyway though.
Also, apologies, I seem to have hijacked NicCo’s thread with possibly a different issue - if the mods would like me to create a separate one, I’m happy to.

No problem, the tcp_ecn doesn’t seem to help too but thank you.

Hello, for NTP issues, try this, worked for me. Cheers!

Interesting. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have a play with that (even though I’m not using a VPN, only SFTP for the kodi libs), but right now I’m back on 9.0.1, which is working perfectly well.
Even though 9.0.1 seems to get the time at around the boot +30secs mark, while 9.0.2 is around boot +50 seconds, I’m still having addon connection issues on 9.0.2 thirty minutes after boot, which seems to be unrelated to the SSH certs at startup.

Is it possible to downgrade from 9.0.2 to 9.0.1 with the .tar in the update share ?

Yes, it is possible.

IS there a command to identify network chipset on CoreELEC ?