Network Settings Switch to fix "T95 max" Gigabit Lan Problem

i have a “T95 max” with S905, 2GB Ram and 32GB Rom.
This Box has a Problem.
When Lan is connected in Gigabit Mode, it can’t get a stable Connection.
1 of 10 Pings i send to the Box are replied and Connection is nearly impossible.

When i do “ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full” all is fine (i put it to

As is know all of those Boxes have this Hardware Fault.

Maybe Coreelec can detect if this Box is in use and then show an extra option in Network Settings to set Gigabit to 100 Mbits.

Thank You.

There is no way to detect specific boxes, nor does it make sense to add box-specific workarounds in code. Adding a line of text to as an extra step to a clean install shouldn’t be difficult.