Network share search problem with latest nightly and

Hi all

I have upgraded my server from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04
I have set up samba and nfs share but now I have problem browsing the remote shares in Coreelec

I can see the samba server but attempting to open it return “Invalid argument”
NFS browse just share nothing

BUT, since I have remote mysql database and on my installation the remote directory are already present, I can perfectly access both samba and NFS.

So the problem is only with browsing server. Samba server can be opened in Kodi 18.8 under windows with no problem, NFS never worked on windows.

min-max samba version is set to smb1, nothing else make samba to work in Coreelec.

This is the log taken from attempting to do the following in sequence

  1. Browse NFS server: no result
  2. Browse Ubuntu 20.04.1 server: Invalid Argument
  3. Browse Ubuntu 18.04: browse fine


Also in Android samba has problem, return “connection timeout” when accessing the server shares. File playback works ok

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