New here, and questions about the MXq box

I am Kees from holland, I am a electronic (audio) (speakersystems) engineer but play with this boxes in free time, I have a Xtreamer for years now, but not with a arm processor, hmm are these arm processors not used in weapons?.

I have a cheap 1g 8g box with a S905w ship, it is the MXq pro. I have tryed some img files, like the coreEsec and the LibreEsec, I have some problems with them, first is the support for the remote control is bad, do not work or only some buttons, audio sounds bad, and quite loud, the mouse do work but very unstable, the setup screen is to big for mine tv, so I miss some setup text, the movies do play properly.

Maybe some help for this box, or put whole system on it, and go mining bitcoins hahaha because this boxes are using very little energy, put some 20 on work.

Afcourse it is not that plan, I do watch movies and I did see the new codec H265 and this did play very good and is quite a lot smaller and even better, more smood, thanks to such good coders out there.

The img I did put in, did work quite good, it is from google I did see.

thanks in advance.


So, you have created an image from the CoreELEC download page, you then copied over the correct device tree & renamed it to dtb.img

I assume that it boots correctly. To get the remote to work, you need to read this NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)

there are some ready made files for various remotes, one of them might not, if not, then read the bit about creating a remote file.

Yes I did, I try different versions, and installing is not so difficult it does wel, I did read somewhere that the 281 version of device tree is needed, but only the 212 did work.

I have a eMMC and not a nand, maybe I have to use that 281 version I do go try.

correcting":: the gxl_p281_1g_a95xr2 version tree do work but sometimes box do hang (original software has also this problem, it hangs after 10 minutes of movie playing), and I have no adjustment for the sound volume buttons, who is a problem I do read more about here.

Can you tell me how to adjust the system screen? it is way to big for mine tv, I have a older phillips lcd, the original firmware I can adjust it so I see all.


to adjust the screen size,go to system\display\ set your resolution, then near the bottom of that page, video calibration, then using the up down direction keys move until you see the edges.