NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)

cfg for a95 max rename to remote.conf paste in configfiles
a95x-remote.conf (2.4 KB)

work 100 %

How it’s supposed to use longpress feature with amremote driver?
AFAIK that only available for Lirc and CEC devices, and amremote ones exposed as generic keyboards.

Hmm, things have changed or maybe I was wrong:

Note: Longpress seems to only be working on keyboard keymaps at the moment

You can check any .conf config and see how to configure amremote longpress

Example you mentioned above is only for meson-ir

May be something changed, I don’t use meson-ir for a long time

Ok community, here are the files for a MagicSee IRON+ (S912 3GB 1Gbit).

I hope this helps as i did not find the box here yet.

MAGSEEIP (491 Bytes) rc_maps.cfg (752 Bytes)


I can report that the X92 remote remote file works for my X96 Max 2/16.
I havent bothered with the keyboard longpress setup.

I’ve created the remote config file for this remote for my S905W box:

However, when I power the box off, I can’t turn it back on by pressing the power button again. I followed that tutorial about config.ini but it didn’t work. I’m not even sure if it does work for my specific box.

white.rar (745 Bytes)

L336, included both amremote and meson-ir configs:

I created this keymap for the Cybertec RM-L1107+3 Plus universal remote. It uses code 101 which is made for “DMTECH” branded TVs. To set this code hold power and set then press 101. I chose it because most of the buttons on the remote are used in this code. This universal remote is commonly sold here in the Philippines.
CYBERTEC.7z (812 Bytes)

I have a “one for all” IR remote - guess it is some no-name product. Can someone tell me which config file i have to use?
My current problem is that i sometimes click a couple of times up/down on the remote, then i have to wait a couple of seconds and then kodi jumps where i clicked. So a big delay problem.
Another problem i have is: sometimes i click only once but the command get recognized 2-3 times.
I thought maybe a config modification could fix that.
But i have no idea which config i have to use

I have a question: I can program any remote or just the one that came with the box?

With meson-ir you can program practically any remote you want.

Wow, thanks a lot!

Today I programmed a new remote using meson ir. All good! Except that when i power of via POWER key i cannot turn on the box with the same button… Whatvdo i do wrong?

Nothing. You need to search this forum for help with power on.

Sorry I am too ill to help

Cant seem to find a solution… If i assign the wakeup key to a remote button will it work?

On the other hand if i stop and start the box by plug in and out the power cord will it damage it?

Remote for (701 Bytes)

T95 (NEC based) - Both Meson IR and Amremote

Is there anyone who is able to take over this?

Just adding files when new remote files are created.

I am currently in hospital, but I am not able to concentrate due to the chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Many Thanks

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