New user with N2+ getting started

Hi all,

Just picked up a 4Gb N2+ with the plan to use it as a dedicated CoreElec frontend to my LG CX OLED. I’ve been playing with it over the past few days and it’s been fantastic but I want to make sure I’m setting it up correctly.

Most of the info I’ve found is related to the standard N and not the N+. Do I need to adjust system file to make use of the higher clock speeds?

I’ve seen reference to Kodi’s Dirty Regions (HOW-TO:Modify dirty regions - Official Kodi Wiki). Does this need to be modified?

I’ve also read that the TV’s upscaling is much better than Kodi/CoreELEC. Does the default settings not upscale or does this need to be disabled? I’d like to output non-scaled video at all resolutions…

I thought I had seen somewhere that someone got Dolby Vision working. Was this just my imagination?

Thank you much! I look forward to learning!


The CPU will run at whatever it’s supposed to. Can’t help you with the “dirty regions”, never heard of it but it looks to be irrelevant for a device as powerful as a N2/N2+. I leave the res of Kodi at 1080p/50hz and the TV plays at the correct resolution/switches and the TV upscales as far as I know. I don’t utilise whitelisting.

Dolby Vision won’t work, the hardware isn’t licensed. Only HDR10/10+

I think @sammutd88 just covered it. Forget dirty regions. Run the device as he said. The dtb for N2/N2+ is prepared to handle both because it detects which one it is.

Thanks all for the comments! Looks like it’s just plug and play and be happy!

As for DV, I understand the hardware isn’t licensed but with the open source community, I would not be surprised to see a workaround! HDR10 still looks great.

Thanks to all the dev’s and testers that work on this!

I have the identical setup.

DV is a non starter in CE. If you want the extra oomph, which is more or less unnoticeable in CE and will require a dash of luck, you can try Overclocking the N2+. Like I said, it provided no noteworthy improvement on mine in CE.

Thanks for the conformation. Are you using a whitelist to let the CX do the upscaling? I read through this:

Somewhere else I read NOT to use the whitelist as it messes with the HDR (or would you only put the lower resolution in the whitelist)?

No whitelist on my device, I messed about with it when I got the TV and found no appreciable gain at the time. GUI is set to 1080p as the interface is overall snappier.

Whitelisting comes into it’s own when there is a discernible problem that can be remedied by it’s use.

If things work as required out of the box, then leaving things alone is generally a good thing.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

How do I prevent CoreELEC from scaling video? I’ve been playing around and everything is upconverted before it gets to my TV. I was playing around with whitelists and that seemed to work but other threads said HDR does now work with whitelists.

Any suggestions?


As states abov, if you chose to use gui at 1080p, only videos with less resolution will be upscaled by the device. If you must use the gui at higher resolutions just chose every resolution from whitelist. Everything should work just fine. Don’t overthink things.

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