New Widevine solution backport to Leia?

Hi, any chance for a backport Widevine solution to Leia, as per discussion here, since my much needed HBO_Go EU addon stopped working with present (old) Widevine.
I’m asking since some of my addons still have no Matrix version and would like to stay on 9.2.7 until they are fixed (work on them is in progress)

And why you don’t ask the addon authors to update to Python 3 as they missed already Kodi Matrix as Nexus is coming?

They need to upgrade it anyway, there is no other way.

To be honest, there were now 3 months everyone did know something about the CDM is changing.
So everyone had enough time to take care of such issues if they happen.

Then on day 1 the restriction get active everyone start to cry…

But if you don’t ask, you don’t get lol

Instead of an answer I got a question…, I’m sorry for bothering you Your Highness.

Please keep the discussion civilized. You’ve been part of the CoreELEC community for many years and you know that it’s the goal of the team to leave non ng devices and Leia behind. It’s the past and many have the possibility to upgrade to Matrix. We just ask that if the problem is that some addons are missing please put some pressure on their maintainers.
And please be patient.

Hi, I am aware of all that you mentioned and respect & praise all you work on all forums I participate. I just expected a simple answer to a simple (and polite) question, which to my surprise I did not get.
Of course I contacted some time ago the developers of addons in question, and one abandoned his work so no new version is expected and the other 2 are also working in their spare time which is sparse. Since people move on with their lives, I don’t expect them to do needed work on something that they did long time ago and possibly don’t care much about any more…
Anyway I ended up now with using two CE versions 9.2.7 and 19.2_rc3, and switch as needed; I’m patient :slightly_smiling_face:

There got a PR opened about this item:

But the PR should apply only for project Amlogic, not Amlogic-NG as these can be updated to CE-19 or even already to CE-20.

For anyone who can’t wait for official solution,
I’ve built a 9.2.7 using the PR code above
This will get widevine working until they (hopefully) release 9.2.8

(Amlogic S905/S912)
[Link removed]

(Amlogic-ng S905X2/S905X3/S922X/A311D)
[Link removed]

9.2.8 was released in meantime:

Thank you very much; this will prolong the life of my old S912 “bedroom” box :grinning:

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For those who haven’t noticed, the new 9.2.8 release solves the widevine issue. Please use it and report back. Thank you.

I can install the new widevine on my s912 box, but after playback it freezes after a few seconds.

Crash logs here:

Couldn’t upload other logs.

I think you pasted the wrong link because it’s case sensitive. Maybe this is the one .
In that case, there are many banned addon in your system so no support. This type of addons can cause all sort of problems. Please provide a log from a clean system (if the problem still occurs in a clean system).

Still having the issue.

Can you grab kodi.old.log from /storage/.kodi/temp/? And which addon are you trying to use?
You can try to reinstall widevine using inputstream helper. And you can do what I said and try a clean install with only the addon that’s crashing installed. Your log has pretty old stuff in it.

Trying to use TVNZOnDemand. Sorry, can’t attach logs as I am a new user. Is there a way to fix that?

also happens with standard movies from a shared drive though, so not specific to an addon.

This works on CE 9.2.5, but I have just tried on CE 9.2.6 and 9.2.7 and the same issue occurs. Have to revert back to 9.2.5 or I can’t play video, every time I hit the stop button it freezes.

Changes Since 9.2.7: Added support for Widevine CDM 4.10.2252.0

That’s another story. I’ve tested on my S912 and there’s no such problems. We have thousands of S912 on 9.2.7 and no such problems either. You can start a new topicbor post on 9.2.7 discussion as this is not widevine related. Regarding the logs, just paste them to pastebin or something. Probably is some setting or another error. Try to run from a uSD card a clean version as I said.

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