Nexbox A95X-B7N

Two things. First: you can’t upgrade CE from Leia to Matrix installed on emmc. You have to install Android prior and then run ceemmc -x to install CE in emmc. If you have the 8gig ROM Version, you might better off running CE from SD card. Second: you have to upgrade your bootloader to at least 7.1.x in order to run Matrix.

That is incorrect. Leia can be upgraded to Matrix, however, it breaks python compatibility (Leia = python 2 / Matrix = python 3), meaning all addons have to be upgraded also.

Therefore Team CoreELEC recommends a clean install instead of an upgrade.

You’ll have to re-flash the firmware with USB Burning Tool or Boot Card Maker.

BurnCard-Tool is exactly what i did. Now i did it again, im hard stuck in NEXBOX logo, even tho im holding the reset key. my last option is to buy a patch cable… maybe usb tool will do it.

Be aware Nexbox had 2 editions of the A95X which look exaclty alike, however, they have a different SoC.

Are you 100% sure you have the B7N and not the “standard” model?


Hey, yes im sure it’s the same picture on the back as you posted.

I got a patch cable and will try to fix that in 2 hours. Ill post updates :slight_smile: but im not sure which android was on emmc before i wiped it like 5 or more years ago. Maye that caused all that mistakes?

I dont really understand why this android version is relevant tho.

Because the bootloader from Android 7.1 or required to boot Matrix.

See: requirements

Ok next problems here

Newest version of Amlogic USB Burning Tool throws an error after importing the img from mega drive…
So i am using 2.2.0. I put the file in and it looks like this.

After i click start and put the usb cable into my pc nothing happens even. (Different usb ports, do i need the power supply? it isnt mentioned in the guide, but i tried everything.

What can i do now?

You could follow the guide to the letter. Also ensure you are using the correct Android firmware. In a previous post I linked to the Nexbox firmware archive.

Many thanks it only worked exactly like this for me:

  1. USB Port closest to DC Port
  2. Reset Button clicked in
  3. Version 2.2.4
  4. No DC Cable
  5. Cable after clicking Start

Do i have to startup the box or can i directly continue with matrix on sd/usb card?

Interesting. Maybe that’s because you have a different revision?

On my box:

  1. load the firmware into USB Burning Tool
  2. hit start
  3. connect the Nexbox via the patch cable to PC (USB port closest to the DC)

and the firmware starts flashing.

Follow install instructions as for a new device:

  1. boot to Android
  2. insert external media
  3. reboot from external

Thanks, it is working :wink: But the system is much slower then 9.2.8. Are there some tweaks which can help? The RC seems very slow.

Well right now im running from a class 10 sd card but 1 GB RAM version of neebox seems bad for matrix on internal memory right?

Edit: Yatse works good, but my remote control is not very rensponsive (lg cx tv)

Matrix consumes more resources than Leia, while the A95X-B7N is pretty much the lowest hardware configuration that can run Matrix. The results will be accordingly, as explained in our Wiki.

The class of the SD card doesn’t make that big of a difference from a speed/user experience perspective. You want a card with a high random r/w speed when an OS is on it. I suggest testing your cards with crystal disk mark, and use the one with the highest random speeds. It can make a huge difference depending on what speeds you are coming from/going to.
Here are a few card test results that were done on Raspberry PIs, but every batch of cards (even the same model) will have variance.

Oh well, i understand. So far so good. I’ll look forward to get a new box. Is there some thread for this topic, which decision to pick in the future (or now)?

Using a Class 10 SD Card is a minimum requirement.

To run CoreELEC on the A95X-B7N, I use a Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 Flash Drive. While any USB Flash Drive will do, I prefer the Cruzer Fit because of it’s small physical size. I find the performance aduquate.


USB 2.0 Flash Drives offers transfer rates upto 480 Mbps whereas class 10 SD Cards max out at 10 Mbps, while the eMMC module of the device reaches about 50 Mbps (which is comparable to a V60 SD Card).

If you want to go for a new device, I’d suggest at minium SoC S905X3 or S922X.


i have Sandisk Ultra. Should have 120 MB/s not 10.
Thanks for the processor suggestions.

Those contain Android 7.1 ???

I’m trying to do exactly this but CE 20 on a A5 Nexbox

My post is over here Bootloader upgrade

Providing that you have the original Android 6 firmware for your box to fall back on, you should be able to attempt installing generic S905X android 7.x firmware to your device. Something like Aidan’s Rom or the firmware quoted in the linked thread would be a decent place to start. The topic has been covered pretty throughly in various threads on this forum.

Here’s a place to start:

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