Nightly builds

Here you can find the latest CoreELEC nightly builds to test new code changes and features:

The build server is looking for new commits in the coreelec-9.0 branch on Github every day at 23:59 UTC.
In case of any changes, the changelog on the website will be replaced with the new one and the images are being built afterwards.

Please be patient, because it takes about 40 minutes to build all images.
If the image’s build date is older than the changelog’s date, just wait for the server finishing and uploading it.

The images from the previous night can be found within the “archive” directory.

Update to the next nightly build from within the CoreELEC settings
You can now add my server as a custom update channel. This has the advantage, that you don’t need to manually download a new build and putting it into your /storage/.update directory.

Please follow these steps to configure the custom update channel:

  • Goto Settings/CoreELEC
  • change “Automatic updates” to “manual”
  • activate “Show custom channels”
  • edit “Custom Channel 1” to use the address “
  • in “Update Channel” select “CoreELEC-9.0”
  • the newest build can now be selected in “Available versions” (version format “YYYYmmdd”)

It is not possible to automatically update to the newest version. You also won’t see any update notifications.
Therefore you should regularly take a look into “Available version” to check for new updates.

Thanks a lot @Ray for your help implementing this feature!

Please keep in mind, that these are completely untested and most probably unstable builds.
You should avoid installing them on a production machine, where “WAF” is the most important factor.
I advise you to take a backup of your system before every update.

I am not responsible for any damage or loss of data that may occur to your device while using these images.


So this is the new computerbastler?

Yes computerbastler decided he didn’t want to make them anymore so relkai has kindly offered to make them without any of the drama incurred.


That’s great


I apologize for my ignorance, but what about the KVM?
So, will image software be provided for the S905xyz and S912xyz chips?

Best regards…

It takes time to finish and upload a build (for each image), but yes, all 6 types of images will be provided.

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Just touching on what @TheCoolest said, it can take anywhere between 1-6hrs depending on your system to compile CE and then multiply that by 6 images… It’s not quick by any means.

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Thank you very much for your reply, my friend.

Best regards…

@relkai Thank you

I see you have been busy as there are quite a number of images up now.

Might I ask a question please … presumably it is impossible and not desirable to add each image every night so what determines when a new image gets built for a particular device?
Is it the amount of changes committed or some other parameter? Thank you.

My script checks every night for new commits in CoreELEC’s Github.
If there are differences to the already pulled commit, it starts building new images.

At the moment the images for each device are being built in alphabetical order, which is obviously not the best option, because S905 and S912 are the last ones.
I will change the order, so the most used images are going to be available as soon as possible.


Is there a method to use the repo URL for “Custom Channel 1”? When I try it, I get an invalid URL error.
If not, np, the build server is great!

Yes, there is a way, but I need to implement it first.
Raybuntu already gave me a script to create the needed json file, which still needs some configuration to work with my server.

On Monday I should have the time for it.
I will update the first post as soon as this feature is available.

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This link seems to fail

It is only the checksum of the image file. Normally you don‘t need it.
But I will take a look at it, when I‘m back at home.

I removed the .sha256 files, now.
It just confuses most of the users and even the official downloads on Github are not providing them.
If there is a real need, I can re-add them. Just drop me a message.

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Hey guys, let’s not forget to give @relkai a chance to settle in and get things organised :wink:

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I like to verify downloads to be sure I got an uncorrupted file (flakey connection).
I would expect most do this where possible, but maybe not.

They get checked anyway during the update process and if there is a problem then it will not proceed.


Okay, if they are checked anyway during the update process, it doesn’t really make sense to include the sha256 files in the download list.

But I hear you, JohnBoyz! (Trump’ish comment)
For upcoming releases I will still upload these files, but just don’t list them.
If you really want them, then you can simply append “.sha256” to the corresponding download link and it should start downloading the checksum file.

Thank you!
That will work nicely. :slight_smile:

Can someone test if Hyperion (ambilight) works properly? Talking about the slowing down after 20-30 minutes of playback, and asyncron of audio and video.