Nightly builds

The purpose of the nightlies is to provide completely unmodified builds of the master branch on GitHub.
Also generally adding extra logging would flood the log files of everyone downloading it, which should be avoided.

But if you take a look at “Settings > System > Logging”, there is already an option to enable component-specific logging. After activating it, you can select “Verbose logging of PVR component” within the “Specify component-specific logging…” section.
You could also enable debug logging to have a more complete log.

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Not sure what magic you boys and girls are doing, but the latest nightly (20181004) is just phenomenal :slight_smile:

I had a couple of h265 4K rips that had a lot of hiccups (buffering) and now are buttery smooth!! (Using Emby Server beta in Windows + Emby for Kodi).

A big thank you to all involved! Really cool stuff!



Just a little feedback

Took a sd Card with nightly from Oct. 15th in my wetek play 2.


CEC : Strange behavior with Pioneer AVR and LG TV. Starting ok. Shutting down with TV remote powers TV off and then on again. shutting down with play2 remote does not power off TV.

Timeshift with TV Headend : had to disable timeshifting because liveTV will buffer for some seconds on all channels more or less often.

Longpress OK on the remote from the play2 does not work as aspected.

Erverything else is fine.

I don’t have enough experience with CEC, but there are some CEC options in the settings to play with (in “Settings > System > Input devices > Peripherals > CEC adapter”).
Maybe you can optimize it a bit.

Did you try moving the timeshift path to another location (e.g. an nfs share or attached USB HDD)?
I assume the sd card is just too slow to handle timeshift and you need a pretty fast storage for writing and reading tv streams at the same time - especially HD streams.

SD Card too slow can be the reason. I will test a nfs share.

tried several times with different CEC options.
Sounds strange but if I start the stuff with the play 2 remote then play2 starts, AVR starts, TV starts. For shutdown I have to use the TV remote - then TV stops, AVR stops and play2 also.
Its ok this way.

Using play 2 remote only the TV won´t shut down or comes up again when AVR stops.
I think its my stuff which is not 100% CEC compatible.

What about the OK longpress of the play2 remote. I have seen a thread about this somewhere with a solution but I can´t find it again.

Maybe you could open another thread for your CEC problem, because this is most probably not a problem of the nightlies.
Looking at the commits since 8.95.3, there is nothing, which could break CEC functionality.

The same goes for your remote/longpress problem.
But it seems, using your remote in keyboard mode allows you to configure longpress actions.
Though this is a completely different remote, a slightly modified solution could solve your problem:

Because I’m using a Harmony remote with Bluetooth, I can’t reproduce your problem.

Ok. Thank you

Development seems to have ground to a stop. Does that suggest we are approaching final release, after all Kodi is in beta 3.


Development hasn’t been stopped and the latest nightly already shows “bata 4” in the system information.
Adam has been very busy lately and didn’t have so much time developing for CoreELEC.
Today about 40 new commits were added to GH (including the newest Kodi patches). Therefore you can expect the next nightly version 20181020 later today.

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Great news.
I understand that the Kodi release candidate is due for release before the end of the year.


I had to restart the last build, because there was a permissions problem with one of the build scripts involved. The images for version 20181021 should be ready in the next hours.

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The nightly has fixed the DD+ (EAC3) delay of some soundtracks.
I am very satisfied with the current version. Keep up the good work.


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Latest nightly has developed a strange issue for me, it has subtitles on for a few BBC channels on live TV - with no apparent way to turn them off. Might be a problem with the transmission itself - but can’t tell at this stage.


The latest nightly only added support for the Xbox One tv tuner. I don’t think, it is causing the issue you are seeing.

Sorry, I am running the last but one nightly.
Will see if its effecting more than one broadcaster tomorrow.


Hmmm…only kernel bumps, display fixes and hyperion-ng related things.
Nothing, which should affect subtitles at all.
I’m on the same nightly version (20181026) and BBC World News plays without any subtitles in my setup.
Did you enable “only forced” subtitles in “Settings > Player > Language” and disabled “search for closed captions”?

That setting is disabled.Its effecting BBC One and Two at least.

I don’t have these channels and can’t test it. Maybe someone else can confirm this issue?

Is it all the time? I’ve checked out BBC One and Two (East Anglia) this morning and I’m not seeing any subtitles.

It started last night at Doctor Who, but followed us to BBC2. Got to dig deeper and see if there is an overall partner, or possible the subtitles settings got corrupted in the upgrade.

Good to hear its not general.