Nightly not stable how to change

I updated from nightly to stable 9.0.3 and would like to go back to nightly like start up screen and default red color how do I switch back to nightly

Just copy the latest nightly .tar file for your box into the .update folder and reboot for the update to take place.

Where is update foldet


Couldn’t find folder

Can u update by adding a custom channel from update option in skin if so how cause there doesn’t seem to be a .update folder

It’s a hidden folder (anything with a dot at the start is) so you need to enable viewing hidden files.
How are you trying to view it?

Its on my PC but I haxe put hidden files on and can’t find it

Which program on the pc are you viewing in?

Just on drive view file explorer

I use a much simpler way to do that:
In Kodi/Settings/Media/General enable “Show Add source buttons” and “Show hidden files and directories”
Then in Kodi/File Manager use “Add source” button and add “Home folder”. It will be named “storage”. In this folder you’ll see (among others) .update folder in which you copy (using File manager) needed .tar file from an USB drive.

Normally by default you’ll see a bunch of samba shares in explorer: Update, Videos, Music, TV Shows etc (about 15 in total).

If you can see those the Update folder corresponds to storage/.update.
If not follow Sholander’s method.

Edit: are you sticking a drive directly in your pc or accessing it via \ipaddress (or \CoreELEC)?
The second method is what you should be doing.

i created the storage file and can see .update file using file manager but hoew do i copy tar file

i dont know how to do second method u are talikng about via ip

If you’re using Windows, press WinKey+R, type in \\IP_OF_YOUR_BOX\Update
Copy the tar into that folder and reboot the box.

I switched to default skin and was able to copy it and have loaded nightly thank u. I would still like to know how to be able to communicate through IP on PC to CoreELEC

Using Samba. Make sure it’s enabled In Coreelec. If you are struggling to get this to work, I recommend you stick to stable releases.

For PC to CoreElec connection which can be used to copy files from one to the other I use “FileZilla” program on my PC. Very easy to use as the program has two panes, left and right similar to File manager in Kodi in which you choose folders/files to copy.

Will the method use in another direction, eg if I am currently using nightly but would like to go back to stable? Can I just copy stable tar to update folder?

Yes you can.