No access to repo (connexion OK)

Hello everyone,

I am very new to all the Kodi and Coreelec stuff. I just installed 9.2.5.
All went well, I enabled SSH, changed the name of the host and the password.
But I can’t go further because I can’t access to Kodi nor CoreElec repos.

I checked this page

My internet connexion seems fine. But I can’t check my error log (log doesn’t download).

I am totally stuck here.

Do you have any ideas how to get out of this loophole ?


From the link you posted:

Check Your Kodi Error Log

From our Forum:

Thanks for your answer.

When I try to upload the log, I got an error “Failed to paste log files, try again”. And I tried “Kodi log and config” and “Kodi crash logs and config”.

And I’m back in my loophole.

And I checked again my internet connexion, which seems fine.

Do I really have to buy a debug board for a Odroid I just bought ? It sounds like using a bazooka to kill a fly.

Are You sure ?
The box needs internet connection.
The error message “Failed to paste log files, try again” -> box isn´t connected to the internet.
ssh to the box and check internet connection

Just try on console: ping

When you get a response you should have internet access.

Thanks a lot… I am totally ashamed, but it indeed was a failed internet connexion…

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