No AV (CVBS) display, S905X A95 /S905W x96 mini + CE Leia 8.95.3/ Blank screen after CE splash



Yes this works.
But the problem is that HDMI then doesn’t work.
So I was looking for a solution whereby either HDMI or AV would work without need to change settings …

Btw, small correction for first code line:
$ cd /storage/.kodi/userdata


You can try also to add original hdmi resolutions like 1080p50Hz and other from /sys/devices/virtual/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap


So I should add resolutions from above file to the /userdata/disp_cap, or add resolutions to the above file?


The resolutions HDMI supports are in that file, you need to add them to userdata/disp_cap
Note that disc_cap is updated every time you connect the HDMI cable, so if you switch TVs the list may need to be updated to support new modes of the “new” TV you connected it to.



I actually was thinking of switching between the AV and HDMI of the same TV, but I guess this may not be different from switching TVs.

Looks like userdata/display_cap only seems to keep either HDMI or cvbs settings, and only one entry.

Perhaps the answer might be a conditional script along the RPi example above in #11, but don’t think there is a /flash/config.txt file under Amlogic:


#I believe sdtv_mode=0 for NTSC.


Does nobody bother to read the how-to section before posting? All this has been covered before…



I did bother to search first with “cvbs” and “AV” keys but the subject is “analogue” …

In any case what you said is the same problem as above- either cvbs or HDMI. The other guys talk about including higher resolutions but the thread is inconclusive !


I have updated the how to thread title to make it easier for people to locate in the future.

We could look at adding these resolutions to the kernel so they are always displayed and this work around is no longer needed.



Now that would be as cool as TheCoolest, adding the auto sense HDMI/AV to the kernel !
Any ETA here? Many folks do still use cvbs.

Btw, any online tuts on how to compile and customize Linux distros and do almost everything in bash ? Example:

I would finally like to learn Linux, as a newbie with a tech degree but without any dev experience (but can follow simple editing tasks.)


I don’t believe for a minute that many folks use cvbs as we very rarely get a thread about it and most people are stuck complaining about 4k issues rather than 1960’s resolutions :stuck_out_tongue:

It wouldn’t be appropriate to give an ETA on anything.


CVBS is a great fallback, still available on most if not all TVs.

I personally prefer HDMI but it’s always nice to use some old TV sets occasionally.


In my opinion this should not be built into CoreELEC. Adding support for CVBS manually is easy enough if YOU need it. The majority of people don’t, and the only thing I can see happening, is it causing more problems and headaches for everyone else than helping those that still use CVBS save a minute or 5 configuring their box for it.


Well the whole idea of software is automation. And the CoreElec differentiation is that it supports mass market boxes better than a few ones to focus on by other distros.

Why should cvbs integration cause more problems or load than pushing 4K on a $30 box?


These sorts of changes can lead to issues for other users. In my opinion it’s not a feature that needs to be included in CE out of the box. CVBS is a niche, I highly doubt we have more than a few users who need it, and I don’t think it’s worth the risk of creating regressions for thousands of others.
But this is just my own opinion, I can’t speak for other devs on this. But I believe that none has a display that doesn’t have HDMI.


I fully agree with @TheCoolest.
It’s too risky to implement such an automation for only a handful users and risking the stability of all others.


If I didn’t clarify, I don’t care whether the auto sense is implemented in the kernel (“risky?”) or in userland.

The point is that it is a shame otherwise…RPi has it.