No global router advertised IPv6 address


so I need to try the cutting edge one?

I tried Nexus 20 nightly from SD only out of curiosity on one box (GT-King), but, it is alpha and, for one thing: I could not install addons.

In short, I don’t think it is ready for daily usage.

I have no idea what would explain the different behaviour.

One could search in connman commits of diff between both. Or maybe it’s also a matter of Linux kernel and its config?

Also notice I just upgraded OpenWRT to 22.03.0 but that did not affect any of my 3 my CoreELEC Matrix 19.5rc2 boxes (they run from EMMC) IPv6 behaviour.

OK, so let’s wait a bit longer to see what Nexus 20 stable will bring us.
Yes, trying with SD installation is a better way, I use CE on EMMC for so long that I almost forget this trick.

Hi tasinofan
Just want you to know that I have discovered some more info on this issue:

  1. Do not know which nightly 20.0 version you used, but I can confirm on the newest 20.0 beta1 this issue still exists, i.e. no working ipv6 route despite a global address is obtained.

  2. I have found a more practical “workaround” method:

A. Enable wireless connection on your box (if no built-in then maybe buy a support one)

B. Connect wireless to your home network, and set IPV6 to “AUTO”. Now your wlan0 should have obtained a global V6 address. Check using command like ip or ifconfig

C. Check your V6 route with ip -6 route show, should have something like:

24xx:xxxx: xxxx:57ba::/64 dev wlan0  metric 256  expires 0sec
24xx:xxxx:xxxx:57ba::/64 dev eth0  metric 256  expires 0sec
default via fe80::xxxx: xxxx: xxxx: xxxx dev eth0  metric 1024  expires 0sec

D. Delete the default one with

ip route del default fe80::xxxx: xxxx: xxxx: xxxx dev eth0  

And add another one on wlan0:

ip route add default fe80::xxxx: xxxx: xxxx: xxxx dev wlan0  

Try ping6 and other things to verify V6 route. I have successfully made V6 working on my X96MP!! ping6 works and in aria2 I can see V6 peers!


I don’t know, but maybe some issue with default V6 routes set by connman?

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