[No issue] [(self)Solved] Cropped display on N2+

Hi, Kodi display is cropped using latest nightly.
Tried disabling gui scaling and reboot, didn’t solve it.
Here some photos :

Using direct HDMI (of course) on an LG C9 with all oled panel settings.
Edit : worst with 1080p output
Edit2 : fixed using Video Calibration in Display on Export Mode. Sorry for false alert :frowning:

Normally you don’t need video calibration. On LG setup the source. Aspect ratio: Just scan

Had to change my TV language to english to understand what was “Just Scan” (:
Thx for the advice, but i did like you said, reset display settings to default and enable Just Scan on the TV,
i got an unused column of two-three pixels on the left ^^