No LAN on X96 max(S905X3)


I’ve installed CoreELEC(official):nightly_20200116(9.2) on my X96 Max(S905X3) but there is no GigE LAN connection (no link), wifi is fine. LAN works fine on Android so the h/w is OK.

CoreELEC:/sys/firmware/devicetree/base # cat coreelec-dt-id
sm1_s905x3_4gCoreELEC:/sys/firmware/devicetree/base #

Any ideas ?

I thought the CPUs were
X96 max - a S905x2
X96Max Air and Plus - a S905x3

Is yours a ‘Plus’ or an ‘Air’? or is there another variant I did not know about?

For the Air I use

CoreELEC:~ # cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/coreelec-dt-id  
CoreELEC:~ #

Note the 1gbit …

Yep, you’re using the wrong dtb.

Please what is correct dtb for X96 Max plus (S905X3) ?