No splash screen during boot

When I start my Odroid N2 / Corelec setup I just seen a black screen, then after about 10 secs the new Corelec Boot Screen is showed for about 3 ou 4 seconds and Kodi starts.

I realized that inside /flash there some files related to the splash screen boot:


These files has a Hardkernel logo, that suppose to be displayed during this black screen time.

The log form dspinfo:

Some additional information:

  • SPI is set to eMMC
  • Coreelec is installed in the sd card
  • Don’t have any other operation system installed, this box is dedicated just for Coreelec.

Are you using an Odroid N2 or N2+ as looking through the logs there is an error in there to do with the DTB settings and you may have the wrong one installed.

Check out this guide page for instructions.

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