No ssh access on CE 8.90.2 installed on nand

Hello guys,as the title says I don’t have ssh access to my box when installed on nand, and no SFTP server running.If I boot the same installation from SD it is all good,ssh and SFTP are working.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Are you sure you have a NAND device or EMMC, if it is the former make sure you are using the correct DTB.

Well I don’t really know,I have a x95pro 2/16 , how can I update to the correct dtb?. thanks

Also don’t forget that CE is designed to run from external media and internal installation is advised against

You will have to boot from external and flash the DTB partition with the correct DTB.

If you have run installtointernal without following the DTB instructions then you will have installed the generic DTB to your DTB partition and this would explain why you have no network access.

Solved the issue by booting from SD ,and running installtointernal again with the correct dtb.
Everything works as expected after a full backup restore.
Thank you guys for the support.