No SSH Prompt

Hi all,

N2 with CE 9.2.5.

This N2 is several hundreds of Kilometres away from me and I have setup port forwarding on the Router as port 5750 is forwarded to port 22. I also have DuckDNS setup as the IP is not static.

All has been working just fine for several months now until recently I have not been getting SSH login prompts when trying to access it. Sometimes if you hit Enter several times you will get a prompt but you may have to do this 10-20 times to eventually get that prompt.

If I Telnet to port 5750 I get an SSH response:


When I next login is there anything I can do to improve the situation?



I have just noticed the CPU usage is rather high, especially since it’s in an idle state and only has 2 apps installed. Plex for Kodi and VNC.

No ideas anyone?

Maybe something blocks some of your TCP packets?

Don’t know, but how would I check? Seems strange that it’s been working fine and suddenly this problem. I get a connection to the remote device OK, just no login prompt appears. It will eventually give you the prompt if you disconnect and re-connect enough times.

Very strange indeed.

Hard to tell without sniffing network on both sides at the same time.
When it gets connected eventually is the response ok when typing?

Yes, seems OK. However as noted above the CPU usage does seem rather high for an N2 with only 2 Add-ons and in an idle state.

I see your uptime is 6 days. Just for a test try to restart it once per day. To see if ssh issues are fixed and check cpu usage as well.

Did some more testing and exiting Plex drops the CPU usage from 50 to 2%, so it seems like a Plex thing that’s causing the high CPU usage.

Took a look at the kodi log and its size is massive and full of these errors:

2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: _________________________________________________________________________________
2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: script.plex: ERROR:
2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: File “/storage/.kodi/addons/script.plex/lib/”, line 453, in _tick
2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: r.tick()
2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: File “/storage/.kodi/addons/script.plex/lib/windows/”, line 436, in tick
2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: self.showHubs(self.lastSection, update=True)
2020-12-07 08:29:08.037 T:3717489536 ERROR: File “/storage/.kodi/addons/script.plex/lib/windows/”, line 794, in showHubs
2020-12-07 08:29:08.038 T:3717489536 ERROR: self._showHubs(section=section, update=update)
2020-12-07 08:29:08.038 T:3717489536 ERROR: File “/storage/.kodi/addons/script.plex/lib/windows/”, line 802, in _showHubs
2020-12-07 08:29:08.038 T:3717489536 ERROR: if not plexapp.SERVERMANAGER.selectedServer.hasHubs():
2020-12-07 08:29:08.038 T:3717489536 ERROR: AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘hasHubs’
2020-12-07 08:29:08.038 T:3717489536 ERROR: _________________________________________________________________________________
2020-12-07 08:29:08.038 T:3717489536 ERROR: `

Any clues on what might be causing the errors?

BTW - Setup another N2 with just Plex installed and with Plex running CPU usage is around 10% so there’s definitely something wrong with this remote N2.

You need to ask Plex addon developers about this error. Maybe you need to update addon to newer version.

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