No video after a few coreelec logo on new N2

Hi people,

Im a newbie and start my N2 advanture with a little bit dissappointing :frowning:

I just bought N2 coreelec edition from Germany with 16gb eMMC. Today followed all instructions but unfortunately N2 did not boot from SD card (which is came with N2) when I turn it on it gives 2 or 3 times coreelec logo on my tv but after that no signal. I thought maybe files are damaged in SD card so that I format it and download and install latest version of coreelec nightly version but the result is the same. I dont have any technical knowledge for this kind of issues but I can follow your suggestion and I hope I can fix this. Btw, I can see N2 on my computer router list, sys led blinking in blue color 2 times at once (properly and continiously) everything looks ok except no video signal after a few coreelec logo on my TV

Thanks in advance

There are multiple reports here of new users trying everything just to find it was a problem with the hdmi cable.

I tried two hdmi cable and result is the same, I use that hdmi cables with my other devices without any issue. Do you think some hdmi cable types does not work with N2 ?

My N2 CoreELEC edition was also bought in Germany and was working out of the box.
Your TV shows no signal, did You check the TV settings ?

Yes I check all settings on my TV, unfortunately there is not any setting that can cause this issue.

I have read that many times and a little later it was working with a new HDMI cable or with the correct TV settings
Popular mistake is using a wrong HDMI port on TV

As I written there is no settings on TV about resulation or something like that but tomorrow I will try with a different hdmi cable. Meanwhile I found a topic about “changing output resolation of N2 to 1080p” and some people get video on their TV with that solution. Any ideas how can I change to 1080 of N2? And if I change the resolution to 1080p, is it means I will always watch my 4k movies in 1080p resolution or is it means this resolution will be active only on booting mood?

Which TV do you have? also is the hdmi cable connected directly between N2 and the TV or do you have an AVR/Sound bar between the N2 and the TV?

My tv is LG 55UK6470 and yes hdmi cable directly connected to tv, there is no avr or anything else between N2 and TV.

I just noticed your thread on the Hardkernel forum. Changing the resolution in the boot.ini will likely not help since it already defaults to 1080p. kodi also ignores what is set there and will use it’s own setting instead.

There is a setting on your TV I think you will find it in the Picture > Additional Settings > HDMI Ultra Deep Colour. This may be related to your problem. Try turning it on if it is not already enabled. if it is enabled try turning it off.

edit: If that doesn’t change anything I will walk you through how to enable SSH and remotely connect to the N2 so that we can get access to some debug info from the device.

Great thank you I will try asap and if it will not work I will ask for your help again

It was off and I just enabled that and tried but unfortunately it didn’t work again. Exactly the same issue, 2 times coreelec logo on the TV and after that the screen get black and then it cuts video signal.

I’m ready to for your assistance about activating SSH

Please let me know when you can help me about ssh and debug info.

Thank you

Thank you for helping but I solved my problem with a new higher quality hdmi cable, I completed all installation and setup, N2 ready to work.

But please let me ask you guys about av transfer to my AV reciever and TV. It sounds little bit complicated to me, I confused.

N2 got only one hdmi out and it transfer audio and video at the same time right? I need to transfer (passthrough) a 4k movie’s Dolby atmos or dtsx sounds to my av recieve, and transfer video of movie to my TV. How I will do that with one single hdmi out?

Maybe with HDMI ARC function, but how, in which order? From N2 to av reciever and then from reciever to TV?

Can you please help me to understand this logic?

My av reciever is onkyo tx nr 686 with Dolby atmos, dtsx and hdmi arc function.

My TV is LG 55 UK6470PLC with hdmi arc function and without Dolby atmos dtsx decoding (so that I bought N2 for able to passthrough dolby atmos and dtsx to my reciever)


My N2 is connected to a HDMI-in-Port of my Denon receiver, the TV is connected to a HDMI-out-Port of my Denon.

Passthrough is enabled in kodi settings, 4k video and sound works.

In Your case i would connect the TV to the main HDMI out of Your Onkyo and connect the N2 at a HDMI-in-Port

Thank you for information. As far as I understand, it’s not about hdmi arc, just use in and out logic for this connection and onkyo will transfer the video signal which comes from N2 to TV via hdmi out?

It´s simple and easy.
N2 sends Video and Audio to AVR.
AVR sends Video to TV and Audio to the loudspeakers

Great summary thank you for your help