No video for 4-5 seconds after starting playback on ODROID C4

After installing the latest stable coreelec (19.5 rc2) on an ODROID C4, regardless of which video begins playback, a black screen is displayed for around 4 or 5 seconds before any video begins rendering. The audio does play immediately however. This happens for each video I’ve tried to play regardless of resolution, SDR vs HDR, codec, etc.

The video files source is a local NFS share on my gigabit LAN. Other devices on the same network don’t exhibit this issue (VLC on phone/pc or RPi running libreelec).

Has anyone else seen this before or have suggestions on which settings to tinker with that might help mitigate the behavior?

This is my first foray into coreelec so apologies if this is the wrong forum category.


Is there a delay set in refresh rate settings?

There was, it was set to adjust on start/stop. If I set that to ‘off’ the delay disappears. I remember having to use the on start/stop setting for some reason on Pis before and didn’t think to change the default for this build.

The handful of videos I threw at it when set to ‘off’ didn’t seem to have any difficulty (for the 10-15 seconds of testing each), so I’m thinking that is the solution.

Thank you for the help!

You shouldn’t disable the adjustment of refresh rate because it won’t adjust the tv to the correct frame rate and you may experience judder or other issues.

Oh, well I feel silly. I misread the initial reply! Must have been too early in the morning. Setting the delay in playback on refresh rate change to around 2.5 seconds does the trick and allows me to keep the on start/stop for refresh rate adjustment.

I’m a bit curious as to why the refresh rate settings didn’t need a delay with the Pi the C4 replaced though. Maybe it does a different style of ‘handshaking’?

Regardless, adding a refresh rate delay does solve the issue of not getting to see the first few seconds of videos!

Thank you both for the help!

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