No video signal after boot A95X


I have been using Libre for many years but was curious on Core so I did a clean install that went fine, but after the core elec boot logo the logo resizes and then my Samsung 4K tv connected by HDMI shows no signal… (have power cycled with same result)

I can both samba and SSH in to the box and everything looks fine. Below is links to logs i pulled by samba.

System log
Hardware log

Can it be resolution related?

Thx for your support.

Your trying to use 4K rather than UHD resolution.

You need to setup whitelist and remove 4k 4096x… resolutions.

You were correct. I used web GUI to change resolution and got picture, but can only get 1080p to work not 3840x2160p that works flawless with libreelec on same box? Any ideas?

Thanks for answer Kodi 18 seams nice :slight_smile:

Set 4k, shh to box and run ‘dispinfo’.
Post the output.

Done. Here is output: dispinfo