No Wifi after install of CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.0?

Hi, I just installed CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.0 on my Android OTT TV Box. Model: CSA93 RAM:3 ROM: 32GB. when I powered on and I went to select my WiFi nothing was in the list. I assume this has to do with the device tree? I am not sure how to fix this, can I plug a hard wire into the box and transfer over the device tree file?

please advise as I am not sure what one i need on this box.

Thank you

Was there an earlier version where Wifi worked? Or is it a new box and a new install?
It’s much more likely that a driver is either missing or fails to load for whatever reason.

To be honest I had a different OS on the box, I then put the files from the target folder into the update folder rebooted. then when to the settings icon and did a hard reset. so new install

I had LibreELEC on the box then did this:


  1. Download the latest .tar file from here .
  2. Copy the .tar file to the /storage/.update folder on your device.
  3. Reboot to start the update process.

after it rebooted I did a hard reset and no WiFi.

can I fix this, i don’t know what file i need for the box to make it work or where to put it?

Thank you