No wired connection on Yoka kb2 (Mecool BB2 clone)

I have installed Corelec 9.2 on Yoka Bb2 (Mecool BB2 clone), wifi and Bluetooth works very well, but not recognize wired connection. On Mecool BB2 pro wired connection works well and hardware is the same, wired 1 gb. If i start Android wired connection is ok.
Thanks in advance

Try a 100M DTB and see if there’s any difference.

I tried 100M DTB but wired connection don’t work, i don’t see connection on router.

I made DTB test:

Yoka KB2 2G/32G S912 gxm_q201_2g_1Gbit -> No wired

Yoka KB2 2G/32G S912 gxm_q201_2g -> No wired

Yoka KB2 2G/32G S912 gxm_q201_c300_pro.dtb -> No wired

Yoka KB2 2G/32G S912 gxm_q201_c400_plus.dtb -> No boot

Yoka KB2 2G/32G S912 gxm_q201_3g_1Gbit.dtb -> No boot

Now update to nightly…

Update to nightly all works fine. Dbt gxm_q201_2g_1Gbit