Noob here. Need help with my soon to be first build

Hello there. I got my eye on the Odroid N2. I just have some questions about setting everything up the right way. So I know I need a power cord, case, emmc storage or SD card, and remote. I was thinking about getting a WiFi adapter and Bluetooth remote.

Do I just plug in these things into the board, flash coreelec to emmc and it’ll work? Is there a way to have the sd card act as storage or the other way around (sd card flashed with coreelec and emmc as storage). Also should I go with the 2gb or 4gb ram, I was thinking about adding a xml to adjust buffer cache once everything is setup.

Thanks in advance.

You can use sd card or emmc or both.
For me wifi is useless I have gigabit ethernet network. and watch movies from my NAS.
2 GB is enough for media playing in CE.
I uses my tv’s remote (CEC).

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Mine’s got wired ethernet also. I always prefer wired over wireless so I can keep the wifi off most of the time.

I’m using a 16GB eMMC which is plenty since I have network storage for my media. Other accessories I added were an RTC battery, power supply, and case. It’s handy to have a USB eMMC writer so I added one of those as well.

I picked up the 4GB memory model over the 2GB one, but 2GB memory is adequate. I’m actually glad I got the higher memory on mine since I’m forcing a liberal buffer of a half gigabyte or so. I get an improvement in fast forward and rewind performance on lan media that way.

I use a universal IR remote for all my home theater equipment and it’s not too much trouble setting up CoreELEC to use whatever IR remote you like. The wake on IR function is a small amount of effort to set up, but it works great and it’s super handy.

I have to hand it to the CoreELEC team for producing software that is very easy to install and get right to using it.

Thanks for the info. I’m thinking about going another route, maybe a getting a android tv box and then flash coreelec onto it. Any good box you can think of that’s under a 100$?

Nice setup. Thanks for the info.