Ocasional stutter in livetv

Hi, i have a tanix tx5 that runs great, but when viewing livetv, some channels are stuttering.



If the channels affected are H264 and you’re on the Ng version, then an amlogic code bug is responsible. It’s on the Coreelec team’s to do list but I’ve no idea when it will be fixed or even looked at. That’s all I know about it other than to tell you that 9.2.1 Ng handles it much better. 9.2.2 for s905, which is still on the old kernel also seems to handle these H264 channels better.

In my case I’m stuck on 9.2.1 Ng until something changes.

Actually, this never happenned anymore since I upgraded to those builds:

Unfortunately I don’t have any hardware on which to run the funhouse builds. I have plain old S905 without the X,D or W.