ODROID C2 gpio wake-up button

I’m trying to setup a power-off/wake-up button according to: https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-c2/application_note/gpio/gpio_key_wakeup.
The shutdown part works like a charm, but waking up doesn’t work at all.
As far as I can understand, something needs to be activated in the device tree…

Was anybody able to get it working with the current CE? Is there anything more to be set up compared to the HK’s Ubuntu? It would be really great if we could use the wake-up button feature with CoreELEC too.

The device tree part is (as I see it) just necessary for the right LED triggers.

Did you modify boot.ini?
Maybe under CoreElec one must modify config.ini?

I’m waiting for my power button (ordered via ali-ex) and will do it then myself as well :slight_smile:

It seems, that N2 compared to C2 has some additional settings. But the boot.ini entries are the same (except for gpio numbers).
Yes, I previously added the missing parts to boot.ini as documented in the linked wiki page but they have no effect.
I looked at config.ini, but all lines there are inactive (so just a bunch of comments) and I ignored it then… but checked a while ago, still with no luck :neutral_face: It seems that some other piece is missing…

I found that the current configuration can be checked with:
$ dmesg | grep gpio_keypad
In the first line there should be something like pin(228) but I have pin()

We probably don’t have that changes in our 3.14 kernel.

Is there a chance to get them into it? The Odroid Wiki states: “Ubuntu : The release version should be 3.14.79-107 (Feb 26, 2017) or higher.” The minor version is not too far from the one of the CE’s kernel, and I know it doesn’t necessary have to mean it’s trivial, but still, if it worked, it would be a valuable and useful feature.

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I will ask HK if they can point us to the commit.

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Great! Thank you!

@Ray: any news on this? I noticed a similar thread for ODROID N2: https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/odroid-n2-wake-button. Are those changes also valid for C2?

To be honest I have forgotten about this.

Happy to remind you :wink: