Odroid c2 time and date incorrect

Installed coreelec and everything seems to be fine except for the time and date stamp and consequently I cannot install any kodi addons. I think it may be my router but not sure. The ip address comes up differently to other ip addresses. e.g instead of it is My router is an asus RT-AC68U

Looking at that ip address you are not connected to internet. Your router has not given you a proper ip address. Try ethernet. See what you get.

Thanks. Same results with ethernet. All my wifi connections are good. Anyone using this router to connect? I think it has something to do with the router. I also have a firestick which I get no problem with. I get correct ip address on it.

Both IP addresses are based on valid private networks.
If no dhcp server is reachable, you usually get an address like 169.254.x.x.
So it seems, you have two dhcp servers running in your network (never, ever do this).