Odroid C2 with CoreELEC 8.90.3 and Hifi Shield+


is there a chance, to get Hardkernels Hifi Shield+ for Odroid C2 working with CoreELEC 9.0.3 ?


Hi, I want to aggregate with this question.
I think one of my greatest mistakes in life was buy the hifi shield 2 :slight_smile: every now and then in the past 2 years I wander in every forum to discover that with this card in libreelec (fist) and coreelec (after) nothing is working, not out of the box nor with the numerous and confusing indications.
I work with network and audio but Im not a programmer nor Im capable of adapting the module fully working on the other os for odroid c2 .
So my friend we have to wait or we have to leave our beloved JeOS.
This must be really tought to solve since, honestly, this time, I didn’t understand clearly the motivation behind this stall…my bad obviously.
I suggest you to move on to another project like dietpi, like I suggested to my stupid friends that like me bought this stupid card.
Sorry for the litte vent :stuck_out_tongue: though this will be probably ignored like your post

Although this seems to be a nice addition to the Odroid C2, the developers can’t add support for anything they don’t own for themselves, of course.
It also has to be supported by the 3.14 kernel, which is used for CE currently.

Yeah I understand that and thanks for the info, hope after these years to finally see the miracle :slight_smile:
By the way, I would like to help in any way, if they need the shield I can buy one, seems fair collecting the money but honestly I would not mind if they ask.

Give it a try with the 8.95.2 image.

Fresh install without touching anything I get sound on the RCA outs from both the HiFi Shield+ and HiFi Shield 2.