Odroid N2+ 19.5 No Signal


I am trying to update my Odroid N2+ to CoreELEC version 19.5 from 19.4. However, when trying to use 19.5 I get no signal output to my TV. It shows the HardKernel logo on boot briefly before losing signal. I have tried updating and using a fresh image on the eMMC but I get the same result. If I use 19.4 everything works fine. Any ideas? Cheers.

Maybe your Petitboot needs to be updated

Tried. Still the same :frowning:

Sorted it. Although it was (and still is) working on version 19.4 with the original HDMI cable. I have tried a better quality HDMI cable and it is working on 19.5 now.

I would like to know why this is though. Any thoughts?

Because 19.4 was limited to 10bit while 19.5 is up to 12bit

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