Odroid N2 9.2.2 after update boot loop


I just updated my Odroid N2 to 9.2.2 with the automatic update process from kodi.
After the update, I’m not blocked in an boot loop.

After the HardKernel splash screen, I got the CoreElec blue splash screen then I’ve two call stacktraces (separated by ~15s) that show up (nothing useful, too fast, I got only the end) then after another ~15s the N2 reboot and do the same thing.

Any way to fix this?



Problem solved.

I removed all of my USB devices (Portable disk and wireless keyboard) and the N2 booted correctly.

After I connect them again, I can’t reproduce the issue after multiple reboot.

I am having similar issue. I have a WD external USB 3 HDD connected and before the update it was booting/loading into CoreElec, no issue.

Now with the update it will not load into coreelec; splash screen comes up but does a boot-loop. After unplugging the USB drive, it loads fine. Same thing happened with the nightly releases as well.

If I load CE then after plugging the external drive, it just freeze up and starts a reboot then bootloop.
Reverting back to 9.2.1 works with no issues.

Hello Ace,

I’ve a WD external USB3 HDD disk too.
Mine is a WD Elements 4 To (WDBU6Y0040BBK).

Did you try another USB port ? When I unplugged my usb devices a didn’t note the port so I’m not sure if I plugged them back at the same place.

Maybe you can share your kodi.log ? https://wiki.libreelec.tv/how_to/provide_logfile

Thanks for your reply.

The bottom port next to the DC will cause a bootloop.

Hello adamg,

Thanks for your reply,

I confirm this, I just tested all the ports and the bottom left port cause de bootloop.

Do you know why?

May I suggest noting it down as a known issue and the workaround in the announcement?