Odroid N2 and DIY Ambilight

I am courious if common DIY ambilight with hyperionNG is possible with the current CE stabel/nightlies (needed modules/drivers included?) and without the need of an extra board (like it was needed for ambilight on C2).
Anyone having experience or a working setup with the N2? I’d be glad to read your experiences and opinions.

As I know it is working on N2.
Search for hyperion in the forum and you will find a lot of stuff related to your question.

Thanks for the info. Except one comment on the N2 test build topic I haven’t found any other comments/howtos on ambilight for N2 on neither the official odroid forums nor libreelec forums or google that’s why I was asking. But in regards to the mentioned comment it seems to work out of the box on the N2 :smiley:
It would also be nice if someone more knowledgable on the N2 hardware could tell me if the SPI issue faced on C2 is still a thing on the N2.

I’ve just googled Hyperion as I’ve never heard of it and it looks like something I’d really like to do! Would it work on a vim3 and 65’’ tv and does it work with all content Played through kodi on coreelec to provide ambilight effects like 4k aswell as 1080p etc and what additional hardware is needed and how easy is it to set up for a beginner? Sorry for all the questions I’ve never seen it before and it looks really good if it does what I think it does!

I moved my config from rPi3 to odroid. Everything works ok. Just moved arduino from rPi to N2 and created config via http interface. And someday CoreElec team fixed slow down issues and everything goes smooth.

So the slowdown is still there? Good that I have some arduino nanos lying around here to fix that. I’ll set everything up tomorrow and report back.
@Wizzi07 just google for “ambilight libreelec” or “diy ambilight raspberry” you will find tons of howtos. There’s also an article on odroid magazine about it which is most likely what you’re searching for. The setups in general are for everything played by kodi.
This thread was just created to get some knowledge if all the stuff described in the other howtos still works fine on N2 since there is nothing about N2 and ambilight on the net.

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Like I wrote it has been fixed - at least for myself.

Yeah I set everything up based on the existing HowTos while using hyperionNG with amlgrabber (just use the new WebUI to configure hyperion instead of manually editing config files). Works perfectly fine with an arduino nano to control the LEDs.

can someone post his hyperion config ? do i need arduino for ambilight or can i connect the leds to the gpio pins ?
i installed hyperion with the coreelec repository and moved my config from pi3 to n2.
I am using apa102 leds with arduino. At first i thought ambilight is working. But when i open video files the lights turn off. Only when i play an old sd quality video ambilight is on.

can anyone help please?

Easiest way is to use ambilight-ng and configure it with the webui it comes bundeled with (running on port 8090). Make sure you choose “amlogic” as type of recording.
I am not sure if you need an arduino, but afaik the problem with real time clock of odroids not being accurate enough under high load is still a problem - that’s the reason why arduino nano were used in the first place on C2.

can you upload your config ? do you have hyperion or hyperion.ng ??

@Shadowghost where is that webgui ?? i saw somehting in hyperion ng folder but it was only like the hyperion app. i could set colours. i didnt see anythin to save the config file

I’m using hyperion.ng. You can access the WebUI of hyperion.ng (hyperion doesn’t have it!) on N2IP:8090. There is everything you need to configure hyperion - no need for anyone to post a config :slight_smile:

Come on, it’s not that complicated…
Just open http://ip-of-your-n2:8090 in your webbrowser and configure hyperion.ng

yeah the https://docs.hyperion-project.org/en/intro is realy hard to find :confused:

anyway i tried also to run it at GPIOs, i gave up and ordered today

NodeMCU V3.2 Arduino ESP8266 ESP-12
CH340G 5V MINI USB Nano V3.0 ATmega328P
Pi Zero W Board
Wireless module NodeMcu v3 v2 ESP32
and some level Shifter

i hope one of them will work :smiley: (hope for wirless)

ok it works now but usb grabbing doesnt work With normal hyperion it worked fine. Now i have hyperion.ng and it doesnt work. I avtivated usb grabbing and tried devide auto and /dev/video0

I remember reading that ther were problems with the drivers for the capturing devices on N2 which results in empty images being passed to /dev/videoXX and Hyperion not doing anything (since it gets no image).
Check the forum for the thread, I didn’t find the link right now.

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what baud rate do you use, guys? is 115,200 enough?
115,200 is the maximun Nano can handle and I’ve heard it’s not enough for Hyperion so I was looking to something like esp8266

i usse 500.000. I am not sure which arduino i have. a friend gave it to me.
edit: i have pro micro ATmega328