Odroid N2, CoreElec 9.2.0 - No Wifi

RE: Odroid WiFi Module 5A 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band × 1
How do I setup wireless connection in CoreElec?
In System Settngs > CoreElec > Network - I have set Wired Connection to Active, so that Wireless Connection is revealed (otherwise not liste), then set Wireless Connection to Active.
In System Settings > CoreElec > Connections - screen is blank and my network name is not listed, or anything else.
Wifi Module continuously blinks fast about 12 times, then slow about 10 times, back to fast, slow, etc.
My router and wireless connection work fine with Apple TV and MacBook Pro.
Name of network shows up, I select it, enter password and connection is made.
Why doesn’t network name show up in Connections on CoreElec so I can do the same there?

Well, network name decided to show up and I kept jacking around with password and IP Address, and after entering password a second time it decided to connect.
Selected a weather provider and got “installing” screen so connection must be working.
However, how do I get correct time?
It’s displaying 5 hours later than Central? so what’s that? Greenwich Time? How do I change that to Central?

IIRC, you can set the correct time zone in: Settings -> Interface -> Regional.

It’s already set to USA (12hr); there’s no choice for time zone.
Only other choice is USA (24hr).

Timezone is in any Settings higher than “Basic” (Standard, Advanced, Expert) for Interface > Regional.